Bengaluru being first  in India for providing highest number of art institute’s specialized in various art forms. At  Wall-R art studio we provide teaching aid for finger art enthusiasts, from basics to trending  paintings, which are  practiced in India and Internationally.

Art is a medium of expression, of one’s thoughts with colors and imagination. Our syllabus is unique motivates many people across the city and country irrespective of age, occupation and excellence to learn. We have qualified faculty holding master degree’s and have multiple years of experience in teaching and creating new art forms. Through learning of art one can overcome the stress in the current world and expand their creativity and imagination


Explore our art sessions for kids age above 5 

Young adults are most creative and open to experiments, Our little ones follow a steady pace to make the best of their enigma. We introduce our kids to every genre of art at every level of progress. Also, every kid has the liberty to follow their best-suited form of art. Here’s how we do it the right way at our art school for kids.

Indulge in to the world of creativity

Wall-r art classes are designed to build a strong foundation in art. 

As the technology made us pop-up expressive community, as we never pay attention nor appreciate the abundance of creation.  

wall-r art classes are focused, inspirational, fun and inspire the artist within.

Learning art and creative has no age limit 

Age is only a number which does not stop from learning art and expanding the creativity. Creative Thinking focuses on improving creativity, imagination and storytelling abilities As an artist, these are very important aspects that help in creating and presenting artwork. The programs helps you to develop concepts from your ideas and how to inculcate these concepts into the artwork. 



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