Gift is a art 

of giving

In dimension of gifting as a corporate gifting or a personal gifting for a wedding invite or a return gift. Spending any amount may just not be enough to showcase the pertinence of the event or the gratitude to each individual. If it is any other coffee mug or a key chain with the logo the options are routine and handful, now imagine when a box is unwrapped and a beautiful personalized hamper is revealed with your name over each souvenir or the colors and the style of your preference, now that is the gift worth the buy. Gifts are exchanged not for just a sake of formality but for an experience, each gift sent out is attached with a message.

If you are wondering is it even possible to personalize each gift? Yes absolutely, we at Wall-R provide complete hand made gifts with the option of customizing for a branding purpose or a personalized gifting option.


Portraits as a gift

Treasure box

Wooden magnets

Desktop art

Wedding invites