School wall art

Art  expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them, and provide a new set of skills for self expression and communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child's development.

Art, painting, craft is a natural obsession that any kid can easily connect & it is an attraction/magnetic pull because it is limitless and visually appealing.

Our education system is best built to develop the intellectual side of the brain which is left side of logic, reasonable thinking, calculation, analysis and so on. But on the contrary the harmonic growth is stalled for mere simple reason that other than academic mark sheet everything is ok to be compromised. 

To make the best of what is available the most efficient remedy using empty walls in your school/institute to create memories.

Art is conscious use of imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful, as in arrangement of forms, shape, size, colour and texture.

Art is an UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - Art is the evidence for the existence of human race, art is the core key for the formation of any script (language), every line, form or shape we see is just a stroke, all alphabets are form of lines and strokes.

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS According to the psychology the process of learning is effective when learnt visually than listening. Visual impact is a standalone descriptive metaphor, the impact of the same visual could be different to different people. Impact of ambiance is only felt rather than explained, any living space is considered as a 4 walls and roof attached, the easiest way to change impact of a space is to create curiosity of breaking stereotype. Schools have to be fun places because anything learnt while enjoying is not forgotten. Schools are supposed to inspire, wonder, creativity century skills, these are to be welcoming environments that instill in us a love for learning. As the moto of any education institute is to prepare students for the innovative economy where entrepreneurship and cross-collaborative culture prevail, it is critical that our learning environments be places where students can practice every-day learning for tomorrow.  One common character that is identified is most of the successful people is they are CREATIVE i.e out of box thinking, to perceive in a different manner. 

CREATIVITY IS LEARNT BUT CAN NEVER BE THOUGHT Creativity is a phenomenon where something new and somehow valuable is formed, is intangible, tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful for problem solving.

BEING CREATIVE IS NO ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT BUT IS A PART OF PERSONALITY Child development specialists recognize that art is no more an enrichment activity, it is basic education. Art can be critical link for developing crucial thinking skills and motivation.

What we do on school walls?

We paint the walls and fill the colours of happiness by building a wall painting using trending design and human eye soothing idea's, which will be a stand alone master piece and a topic of conversation starter in the space.



Complete look of the school can be 
Create a personalized slogans/basic slogans on walls  
Subject related topics can be illustrated on wall spaces 

The best option is the whole school can be designed with a combination of all the above


Art is a part of overall space defining the niche of the space and add a personal nudge 
Choice of art can be wall-art or framed art 
Entrance /Reception
play arena
Stair case


WALL-R is one of the leading art agencies handling full school designing in terms of art and painting  

  • Professional artists holding graduation/masters from valid universities will be working on the designing and execution

  • We are trained in understanding the co-relation of child's eye to art

  • We do not duplicate any design so no replica of your school design in another 

  • Our designs are made with the sole intention of being futuristic where the walls look trending for the years to come 



Creates everlasting impression to parents/children/visitors
The walls will remain fresh and dirt-free for long time 
Wall painting can be a additional element to unify the whole space 



  • It's easy. We provide extensive painting integrated craft modules for kids to work and create their own master piece with the guidelines provided.

  • Age wise designed as per standard age groups of 4-6, 7-10, 11-13, 14 and above. 

  • We have curated these innovative way of loving art by using using various trails to make the craft in the easiest way possible. 

     We will be excited to work on a specific concepts (if you         have any) and create just for you.

  • The art kit can be a curriculum or a hand out to do at home as it is self explanatory.

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